While writing these pages a friend of mine said that there are still people not understanding Finnish although it is spoken by 5 million people living in Finland , located in Northern Europe between Sweden and Russia.

My name is Urpo Mustapää and I work in a factory making punch presses for sheet metal. Ihave been working on sawmills, warehouses etc. I'm interested in industrial automation, computers, alternative fuels etc.

Like most of the people living here in Southern Ostrobothnia I have relatives abroad and that has been the main reason for surfing websites like Migrationinstitute or the Genealogy site .

If there is something you would like to ask do not hesitate to send me some email . I may even answer if I know the right answers. But thanks for stopping by my pages. And don't forget the legend of St Urho , the Patron Saint of Finns.

Urpo Mustapää

P.S. The rumors that my site is like the well known pricelist of one hotel bar in Helsinki with the text below "Finnish speakers can buy their drinks half the price above" are totally false :-)

P.P.S. Those of you who have heard wild stories about lots of naked Finns beating each other in a small hot room without having any sex at all please read the necessary information about Sauna from a proper Sauna site like Cankar's Sauna page before any primitive reactions :-)

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